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Alex Benjamin 

Alex Benjamin is a Certified fitness professional that has been helping others optimize and feel better with their fitness and health for 4 years. 

Alex helps bring real life experience and theoretical knowledge into application with programming and progression. Being able to program based on principles and realism has made Alex successful in helping people exercise pain free, lose weight and put on lean tissue. Alex has worked with general population , and athletes with a wide range of different goals. 

ACE PT, ISSA- Strength & conditioning , Nutrition specialist , PRESCRIPT L1 coach. 



Our brand is all about self love and treating ourselves the way we deserve. Were not just a fitness brand, we want to represent a better way of living. Make choices to better yourself and your life by taking care of your body and living more positively. If you love yourself you can love those around you. And along the way we can show you a few things in the gym !



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